Luxiol, LEDS lighted channel letters

Innovation, design and sustainable development...     

  Luxiol letters use individual leds embedded directly into solid acrylic bodies. These letters are developped for interior and outdoor use.

 They use a LED characterized by the best energy efficiency on the market. With a minimal power consumption per LED, we value consistent illumination.  


Luxiol letters are extra thin (depth 15 - 33mm. Elegant and design, they also are energy saving and do not need any maintenance

Luxiol range :

face lit : classe a

side lit : classe c

 back lit : classe r


face and side lit : classe ac

face and back lit : classe ar

side and back lit : classe cr

translucent letter, with visible leds : classe t

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DT Signs: conception, fabrication, installation et maintenance d'enseignes et signalétique. Pose toute France / Europe / Nord Pas de Calais. Gamme enseigne durable : enseignes économes en énergie


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